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Greens+ (360 Caps)


The only superfood with proven efficacy when it comes to increasing energy and vitality, balancing pH and providing nutrients to support your good health - 25 years and 9 nine more research studies late.

Greens + gives you enough energy to do the things you want to do after you've met all of your obligations.

It was with this formula that it all started - the greens + blend of 23 energizing plant ingredients, including wheatgrass, organic little Atlantic seaweed, spirulina, chlorella, beets, blueberries and milk thistle in addition to liquorice roots, an adaptogenic plant, and extracts of Siberian ginseng.

Each ingredient was chosen because research supported its benefits and safety; and together they have a unique synergy.

Greens + is the ONLY superfood proven by research to increase your energy, vitality and general well-being in addition to providing antioxidant protection and balancing the pH. 25 years and 9 nine research studies later, we continue.

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