Since 1992, we have been helping you take care of your health in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. We took a major turning point in 2018 by completely revising our brand image. We are now operating under the name of Naterro - santé, pharma & cie, a name derived from the amalgamation of the words Nature, Earth and Water which better translates all of our services.

Naterro is more than homeopathy. It is also…
  • Private consultations on site or remotely by phone or Skype.
  • Professionals in naturopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy and oligotherapy.
  • Pharmacy graduates who work on site and ensure the compatibility of homeopathic or natural products with your medical condition and your prescription drugs.
  • Homeopathic preparations customized for you and on the spot.
  • Around 4000 natural products: supplements, homeopathic, cosmetics, hygienic, in bulk, gifts ...
  • Facial treatments by a bio-cosmetician.
  • Infratherapy treatments with our partner Ô Lokal
  • Bulk products for household cleaning and personal hygiene. Bio- Biodegradable - Eco-responsible - Economic
  • On-site measurement and sale of medical compression stockings.
  • Specific natural products for animals.
  • Eis (evaluation scan), hair (heavy metals), food intolerance and DNA (AOR) tests.
  • An online store that offers more than 3,500 products from hundreds of recognized brands with fast delivery everywhere.


    Help our customers with expert advice to be actors of their health by guiding them in their choice of natural products.


    In order to achieve a balanced and healthy life, Naterro intends to cultivate with passion and sincerity the following values in the support provided to its customers.

    • Rigor
      During advice and consultation, we proceed in accordance with the professional ethics of the associations to which we are linked.
    • Integrity
      If your health situation requires a different approach than those offered by our center, we will refer you immediately.
    • Customer orientation

      We recognize each person's unique aspect and offer "tailor-made" solutions adapted to your situation.

    • Fun and engagement
    • We wish to communicate to you the pleasure that our work generates and hope that you live an experience that reflects all the commitment made by our team to satisfy you.

    • Work-life balance
      We recognize that balancing work demands with personal obligations poses unique challenges for each of us. We advocate a work environment that allows for a fair balance of life.