Naterro relies on a dedicated team of professionals stemming from varied fields such as homeopathy, pharmacy, naturopathy, phototherapy as well as aromatherapy and oligotheraphy. Our team of experts is always available to inform, guide and reassure you in your purchase of natural health products.

Are you worried about potential interactions between your prescriptions and the product you are thinking of buying? Worry no longer, our graduates from pharmacy school are there to help quell any fear.  

Therapists :

Yvan Bourgault 
Diplômé en pharmacie, homéopathe, copropriétaire

Natacha Allaire :
Intérêt particulier pour les animaux et la périnatalité

Advisers :

Jacinthe Beaulieu

Fanny Mazet-RouxNaturopathe

Virginie Lanore 



Josée Moisan 
Directrice des affaires internes


Miryam Gharbi
Responsable de la Boutique 


Sarah Martin
Chargée de l'accueil