The most effective prevention of varicose veins and other venous diseases is the regular wearing of medial compression stockings of classes 1 or 2.
The preventive wearing of compression stockings is advised when ... 
  • you suffer from an inherited weakness of the connective tissue. This is often the case when varicose veins and other venous diseases exist in your immediate family. 
  • you exercise a profession in which you must regularly sit, stand or kneel for a long time. The joint and muscle pumps only work fully when you are in motion. Muscle activity ensures venous circulation. 
  • you suffer from chronic constipation. The pressure on the abdominal space increases, the veins are even more overloaded. 
  • you regularly drink (too much) alcohol. Alcohol dilates the veins. 
  • you are pregnant or have just given birth, take the pill or a hormonal preparation for menopause. Hormonal changes favor varicose veins.


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Compression garments are also to be considered if you recognize yourself in these categories:


During long air travel, wearing compression stockings helps prevent leg pain and swelling in the feet and ankles.

Physique exercise

Wearing compression stockings, during or after a workout or any other physical activity, allows better circulation and thus improves the recovery period. To know more...


Pregnant women 

In pregnancy, you have 20 percent more blood in your body. During the first pregnancy, varicose veins form in about half of pregnant women. This number increases further in the second pregnancy. To know more...