Venous weakness is mainly hereditary. By keeping your veins in shape, you can avoid the appearance of pronounced varicose veins.

A really basic truth: the walls of the veins retain their elasticity when the muscles around them are regularly trained. Useless to do sport for hours for that, a few minutes of vascular gymnastics a day are enough to preserve the shape of your legs. If you already have venous disease and you are wearing compression stockings, it is important to wear them during sport as well. Because the compression stockings support the loaded veins and, by external mechanical pressure, guarantee the necessary reflux of the venous blood towards the heart. This pressure is not only necessary in everyday life but also during sport. For women especially, it is certainly interesting to know that compression stockings have a massage effect on problem areas of the buttocks and thighs during sport, which results in firming of the tissues. Muscle firming is also generally stimulated by the fact that you have to work against the resistance of the stockings during sports activities.