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Activated charcoal USP (60 caps)


Activated carbon, or activated carbon, is a natural product obtained by calcination and treatment (injection of air and water vapor) of organic plant matter. This activation treatment aims to develop the porosity of the coal and considerably increases its specific surface, which gives it a powerful adsorption power. It thus has the property of fixing the undesirable toxic substances present in the organism, in particular the gases of the intestine which it traps. Activated carbon is a powerful cleaner that can adsorb up to a hundred times its volume in gas. It remains in the intestine until it is passed through the stool.

The consumption of Activated Charcoal from Léo Désilets Maître Herboriste thus helps relieve bloating and flatulence by eliminating gases caused by fermentation in the intestine.

If this product has seen a revival of interest in recent years, due to its natural origin and its effectiveness, it was however already known before Antiquity. Traces of its use have been found in Egyptians and Greeks, where it was used as an antidote or for the treatment of drinking water. More recently, the first scientific studies at the beginning of the 19th century demonstrated its strong adsorption power and endorsed its use for the treatment of intoxication.

Activated charcoal is still used in medicine for this purpose today. It is indeed considered to be one of the most effective absorbents on the market.

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